This is not a dream!This is real

December 20, 2007

This is not a dream.This is real.This photo was taken during our first day at Zhejiang Gongshang University.(from left to right)I,Ella Lois Bestil,Ruby Mae Villablanca,Catalino Hermosilla,Marlon Prado,Mrs.Sanico and Mrs.Noris had a pose near the dormitory where we were accomodated.Actually,it was Sir Toto who took the photo.We arrived in Hangzhou airport at 10 in the evening,October 13,2007 and immediately proceed to the said university.Though we wore jackets,still we feel cold.Much more in my case because I’m so thin(harharhar).We stayed at the said university for three weeks.This is in line with the Spoken English Promotion Project(SEPP).Every morning we attend classes at College of Foreign Language Building.There,we learn Basic Chinese,Chinese painting,song,etc.I’ve appreciated the richness of Chinese culture because of attending such classes.Every afternoon,we meet the Chinese students and have a conversation with them.






 This is it!Hay,I really miss this room.I still remember the first time I sit in this couch,the hot seat for me(harharhar).All of us have our own room assignment where we talk to Chinese students.I was actually excited when I entered this room.However,the question still rings in my mind,”Am I in China?,Is this real and am I not dreaming?”.This is my first time to go abroad and the feeling is different when you go out from your country.

While waiting for my students to come,I entertained myself by singing(pampawala ng tensyon).I prepared and wrote down the things that I’ll be doing the moment the students will enter the room.I prepared some questions to ask.I also prepared games whenever the students get bored.But I’ve found out that they are stirred up easily when we speak to them.They love talking to foreigners(we were called so because we come from another country).I enjoyed talking to them especially when you explore many things.I got to know better their culture and people.I also ask something about politics,literature,etc.But what excites them most is the topic “LOVE”,I guess everyone loves this topic.Through conversation,we exchange ideas and thoughts.I come to meet many,many,many good friends.I love the Chinese.I love my stay there.I love to go back and spend my time with my Chinese friends.My dear viewers,I will post the pictures of my Chinese friends if I will have more time.I will post some of the pics taken there just to give you a bit on what we experienced.Actually,words are not enough to describe the great feeling when we got there.Do not worry guys,I’ll post next time.

Thanks for reading my blog.God Bless.

2 Responses to “This is not a dream!This is real”

  1. faith Says:

    wow…what a nice food…eheheh…they’re used to cook gluten or tofu right???ehehehe…hmmp

  2. wangzi Says:

    I’m back.By the way,thanks for posting comment in my blog.You’re indeed right.They used to cook tofu but I don’t like its taste.

    I hope you can still put comments on some of my posts.Thanks again.


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