I’m back and I hope this is for good..

August 28, 2008

Ni hao!I’m back and I hope this is for good.I was totally shocked when I’ve rechecked this blog of mine.I was actually having awhhhaaaat feeling because my latest post was eight months ago,that was in January.What on earth I’ve been doing that I even haven’t visited my blog?To give you an idea guys,I was very,very,very busy with so many,many,many schoolworks.I got many outputs to submit.Beat many deadlines.

During the months of January to March,I kept myself busy also with my course-related organization-Development Communicators’ Society (DeCSo).I was the president that time so I got many extra things to do.My experience was not that easy because I need to balance my time in academics and some of these extra-curricular stuff.I still remember when one of my friends even confronted me saying that I did not even had a balance in my schedules.Thanks to that friend of mine and I have evaluated myself.Anyways,all of my efforts were all worth it because our organization got the second place under the category of Best Student Organization in our university.Thanks to all my officers and esp my members.They were all dedicated.Keep it up guys.Keep the fire burning.

Ooops!My time has ended.I need to log out guys coz I still need to finish some reports,articles,etc.etc.etc…

One Response to “I’m back and I hope this is for good..”

  1. analou Says:

    hmm? i’m intrigue with that friend of yours… =)
    anyway, maka-relate jud ko nimo neil! hahaha! uban kaha ta anang panahona! much more now that we’ve taken the same field!
    haaaay.. geh lang.. maluwas ra ta ani puhon…

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