Got an insight to share…

August 29, 2008

Ni hao ma everyone?

Another busy day passed by.While I was assessing my accomplishments,I’ve found out that I’ve succeeded.Although I haven’t finished all of those things,I’ve succesfully completed some.I do have an eventful and very hectic schedule because I also linked myself to some extra stuff like organizations and other groups.Every time I finish all of these tasks,I always give myself a reward.What reward?Of course read some of my fave books and movies,but as of this time I only have a book in my hand.I could not update myself with new movies since I do not have a television in my room.

Anyways,every night I always read daily insights from one book of John C. Maxwell entitled “Maximize Your Day”.John C. Maxwell is the New York Times Best Selling Author of The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.I am actually reading one of his books and another readings he wrote was the book “Developing a Leader Within You”.Fortunately,I have in my hand the book “Maximize your day” but unfortunately the other books are still in some bookstores.I still need to earn a lot of money to purchase those.

The book Maximize your Day:365 Days of Insight to Develop the Leader Within You and Influence those around You is a very helpful book to me.Every day, I learn important lesson and what I do is apply it in my daily routine.This is actually my one way of influencing others.But I’ve realized that it is not enough.I’ve come to realize that I can actually post those insights daily in my blog(that is if I got a luxury of time).So from now on,I’ll be posting the things being emphasized in the book.I’ll also try to share some of my daily testimonials to have more human element,right?I hope I could help those who need guidance from Maxwell but haven’t read the book.’Coz I believe that an information unshared is very futile.

This day I’ve read the chapter “A willingness to pay the price”.Maxwell emphasized that “without each person’s conviction that the cause is worth the price, the battle will never be won, and the team will not succeed. There must be commitment”.

Oh here we come!Commitment!Sense of commitment is not easy to get from members of a group or organization.In order to achieve this,the leader must have a very long patience.This requires time and more effort.The leader must be dedicated in order to influence the members.I’ve been a president and at the same time an officer in other organizations.I experienced many ups and downs in leadership but I tried my very best not to be discouraged by these circumstances.It’s normal that leaders experience this.What I did is just do my task,responsibilities and acted as a model of excellence to my members.The consequences were great!I got more positive response from them and accomplished many group tasks.To see my members learning is very fulfilling in my part.To see them growing as leaders inspired me a lot.All of our efforts were worth it most esp when we won as 2nd student org in our university.For some this may be too small achievement for them, but for us it is a great achievement.What we do now is do better and serve the studentry.

I’m going to leave this question to be pondered.This is actually found in Maxwell’s book.

Question:Are you committed only when it is comfortable, or are you willing to pay the price to help your team succeed?

To all my readers,if you think you have something to share about this post,do not be hesitant to leave comments.Until next posting time guys.Hope you learn something out from this post.

Thanks John C. Maxwell for the book you’ve written.It makes us reflect on our daily accomplishment.

God Bless everyone.

One Response to “Got an insight to share…”

  1. analou Says:

    hahaha! … actually i was one of the officers during that time and if i’ll evaluate myself now, i’m an irresponsible leader. yes, really! not that i don’t want to help to but it’s also because of time constraints that i wasn’t able to do what i have to do for the org.. we were really busy that time..we’ve got many outputs to be submitted, deadlines were inevitable.. but to think it shouldn’t have hinder me doing what is supposed to be done as an officer..and that’s what i just realized now.. =)
    to be a leader, you should be able to balance your time, manage your self well and sometimes, reflect! =D

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